This vaccine topic has been a thing of worry and concern to everyone in south east especially parents.

Is there more to this vaccine palaver?

There has been a whole lot of stories or rumors flying around south east about vaccine and injection. This story came with the idea that their major targets were students of primary and secondary schools.

The concept was that the vaccine administration was a forceful act towards school children, that implies the vaccine and injection must be given with or without the consent of the child involved.

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Students all around south east especially Enugu, Anambra and Ebonyi states were seen running helter skelter all in a bid to run into safety.

On the part of the parents, so many of them were on the streets, roads and buses looking and running to see to the safety of their children and wards.

Most of the parents were seen crying on the road just to show how much they cherish, love their children and are not ready to loose them under any circumstance.

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Schools were in turmoil because students were running out of school gates scampering for safety, teachers were running to different schools to get their children from the intended forceful vaccine administration. Everything turning into total chaos.

Some students were dismissed before time and some were told not to come to school the next day. Some parents could not allow their children and wards go to school the next day all in bid to be security conscious.

But, come to think of this I learnt that there are two sides to every story. Is it possible there is another side to this story?

In every rumor there must be atleast an atom of truth.

The question on the lips of every south eastern individual is, why must this confusion be centered on the south east? What measures are our south eastern governors taking about this worrisome development?

What can be done about this development? Do not fail to drop your comments and questions.