Nudity can be described as the act of not wearing cloths at all or wearing clothes that does not cover the sacred parts of the body.

This mainly is seen in our youths who believes that they wish to join the band wagon of the latest trending fashion in town or of their time.

But have we taken time to ask ourselves why most of our youths indulge in this heinous offence?

Here are some of the reasons given by people on why youths decide to go nude:

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Firstly, they want to dress in the trending fashion. This implies that most people who decide to depict nudity wear what they think is trending in the fashion world and not bothering to find out if it really suit their personality. Thereby thinking they now belong to the cadre of fashionistas in town.

Secondly, some wear it out of ignorance. This addresses those who wear clothes because their friends or peers wear the same kind of cloth. They wish to be called among the happening people in town when it comes to the fashion setting.

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Thirdly, others wear it because of lack of supervision. This means that some of the people who rep nudity, dress in such manner because they are no longer under the supervision of their parents or guardians who restrict what they wear. This is mostly found in the higher institution environment, where it’s quite hard to see someone who really knows you down to your family. So they choose to do what they want without restriction.

Fourthly, some dress that way because they think no one owns them. This signifies that most of these young people who nudity has become the other of their day has lost both their conscience and moral in the sense that they do whatever they like not considering what might happen after that.

Finally, how do we think this dress menace can be curbed?

Higher institutions has a very big role to play, in the sense that they should set bodies that monitor what students wear into the school environment.

Also churches should also fight to make an impact about this nudity palaver. The most unfortunate and disappointing thing about the churches is that most of them allow these youths to wear anything of their choice to church simply because all they need is their attendance and not fighting to correct the bad ways of the person.

We the youths as well should have a second thought about the way we dress, understanding that portraying nudity does not in any way add any value to our lives rather it attracts people of the same caliber to you especially the ladies. A reasonable and responsible man can never love you because he saw you walking nude in the streets.

Let us take our time to advise ourselves. As our body is the temple of God it needs not denting and publicizing just to be noticed.