Sex is one of the things most people do on steady basis especially the young ones i.e the youths. It is an act that involves series of all forms of exercise.

But there are some things a lady should observe and do immediately after sexual intercourse. These are protective measures that a lady needs to ensure that she stays safe and lives a healthy sex life.

These measures are not only to be observed by the ladies, the guys also should have interest in this so as to protect their female partners from sex life harms.

These are the things to be done by a lady after having sex:

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1.Making Use Of The Toilet: This should be the first step to be taken immediately after sexual intercourse, the lady has to go into the toilet and urinate. This is done to kinda flush out the bacteria or other microscopic organisms that might have been pushed into the body during the intercourse. Note, after intercourse the vagina remains warm and moist thereby giving room to breed bacteria. So you have to urinate and flush it out before it causes some havoc to the body system.

2. Wipe With Non-smelly Soap And Towel: This simply implies that you use non-fragrance soap and a small towel to clean up the vagina thoroughly. This is done to terminate the instant growth of yeast in the vagina. Note, the cleaning should be done gently and it also has a procedure which is moving your hand back and forth during the cleaning.

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3. Soak Body In A Warm Bathtub: Taking a warm bath reduces the risk of getting sex related infections. The warm water protects the outer part of the vagina from going dry so that irritations can be avoided and as the skin is hydrated, there is less chance of vaginal swelling after intercourse.

4. Take A Glass Or Glasses Of Water: As the body has done a great exercise that absorbed a whole lot of energy, it would certainly need water to replace part of the lost energy. So ladies you are advised to take some glasses of water for replacement of lost energy and it will also help flush any bacteria that entered the body during the intercourse.

5. Eat Probiotics Rich Food: Probiotics are beneficial forms of gut bacteria that help stimulate the natural enzymes and processes that keep our digestive organs functioning properly. Ladies you should be careful with what you eat after sex. These probiotics rich food includes fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, etc. These foods should be taken to ensure a healthy life.

Let us try as much as possible to put into practice these protective measures so as to enjoy a healthy sex life. Guys do not forget to inform your partners, friends and relatives. Rock a healthy lifestyle.