Quite apart from the technologies we use on phones and other devices, the tech giant Google has also recently been dedicated to creating a smart headphone that puts Google Assistant everywhere.

The Pixel Buds are the new bet of the tech giant Google, which goes far beyond sound, as it brings the tech giant Google’s own Artificial Intelligence to our ears. Yes, in basic words, with the help this new pair of smart headphones we can now have Google Assistant on our ears.

The sound and the quality of the sound is a top priority for the tech giant Google. As this is evident in Google Home, in all its variants.

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But the tech giant Google went a bit further and brought the new Pixel Buds to market, it is the tech giant Google’s first AI-Powered smart headphones. These headphones have direct side placed controls and still integrate a personal interpreter.

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Google Pixel Buds
Google Pixel Buds

It will suffice to speak to these headphones that they handle the entire interpretation, then integrating with a simple Google Home. It is thus possible to break down language barriers.

The Pixel Buds have a transport box that also serves to charge, guaranteeing with a simple load of 5 hours. However, now if we talk about the price and color then let me clarify that they will be sold in black and white and will cost $159. Moreover, it is possible to order Pixel Buds now.