Following the appearance of a viral wedding requirement list given to as social media user’s friend which prompted the social media user to cry out for help stating that the is no longer interested in marriage, another requirement list has surfaced online.

This comes hot non the heels of a rather expensive and ridiculous list of items needed by a Lagos tailor to successfully graduate one of her apprentices.

In the same vein, a list which has since gone viral has surfaced online with the family of a Landlord requesting ridiculous items to bury their deceased.

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The list, according to Abia Fact Newspaper, required all tenants in the house to produce items listed below:

* 5 Cartons of Beer
* 5 Cartons of Malt
* 2 Hot Drink
* 1 Igbo Goats
* 4 Kola-nut
* 4 Alligator Pepper
* N80k Cash